ND-SCGSC envisions a transformed society built with integrity of creation. We believe that every creation of God is holy and each person is tasked to take good care of this creation. As a Catholic Educational Institution, we are obliged to educate the citizens to develop in them a character with integrity of creation.  To realize this vision, this program is created to teach and train individuals to take conscious and deliberate actions of conserving and protecting God’s creations.

The program shall be known as SOLID WASTE ECOLOGICAL MANAGEMENT (SWEM) PROGRAM OF NOTRE DAME – SIENA COLLEGE OF GENERAL SANTOS CITY. This ecological program  is an adaptation of City Ordinance No. 12, Series of 2008 also known as “General Santos City Ecological Solid Waste Management Ordinance of 2008” which is also an adaptation of Republic Act (RA) No. 9003, otherwise known as Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.

It is hereby declared the policy of the school to adopt and implement a comprehensive, integrated and ecological solid waste management program which shall: 

  1. Develop, enhance, and instill awareness, knowledge, attitudes, skills and participation of the school in relation to the solid waste management program of the city.
  2. Ensure the protection of public health and environment of the school.
  3. Set guidelines and targets for solid waste management through volume and source reduction, waste minimization and diversion measures, including composting, recycling, re-use, recovery, green charcoal processes, and other solid waste management technologies, to be undertaken by students, personnel, and school administration prior to collection, treatment and disposal activities in appropriate and environmentally sound solid waste management facilities in accordance with ecologically sustainable development principles. 
  4. Ensure proper segregation at source, collection, transport, storage, treatment and disposal of solid waste.

Promote the use of environmentally acceptable packaging materials.