Reading and reading comprehension are essential skills and tools to learning.  Reading is a meaning process.  It is more than “barking at the print,” Understanding the meaning of individual words is requisite to meaningful readings. Mastery of technical vocabulary is often synonymous with concept development. This means that if the reader does not know the meaning of words used by the author he cannot comprehend the author’s thoughts.( Tan, Emma –Improving Reading Comprehension)  With this premise it is therefore very important that a school provides opportunities for its clientele to develop not only the habit of reading  but the love for it for a lifetime benefit.

                   This Reading Program- DEAR (DROP EVERYTHING AND READ) is formulated primarily to develop the love of reading for all members of the ND-Siena College of General Santos City community.  This is needed to help the students hone their skills in learning all other areas of discipline through effective comprehension.  It is likewise intended for the school personnel to provide them opportunities to grow personally and professionally. 


  1. To develop in the clientele the interest and love for reading.
  2. To provide opportunities for them to widen their vocabularies and expressions.
  3. To enrich their knowledge in different fields of discipline through reading various topics.
  4. To be mature and discreet in their choice of reading materials and gain positive and worthwhile thoughts.
  5. To become expressive and spontaneous in sharing their ideas and knowledge as a result of their acquired information and learning from the materials they read.
  6. To use one’s time wisely and productively.