The ND-SCGSC Arts Program provides supplementary co-curricular activities for students beyond the regular school hours. It is an after-school program which responds to the need for in-depth creative development of students that the student activity program is limited. This will help meet the creative interests and needs of students to come full circle to a well-balanced growth and development.

This program provides opportunities for specialization in the creative areas of the curriculum that are of particular interest to individual student. The different arts courses consist of specialization in various arts areas.

The program attempts to deliver arts education which develops the four C’s – cognition, culture-orientation, communication, and creativity. Research shows that arts help children build both basic and advanced thinking skills, and instruct children in diverse modes of thinking and learning. The knowledge and skills that students develop in learning to respond, perform and create works of arts constitute a fundamental form of literacy students must have if they are to communicate successfully and function in today’s new media and information society.
       This Arts Program aims to:

A.  Explore and develop the students’ God-given talents, creative potentials and aptitudes that will prepare them for higher level of creative work and for life.

B.  Promote and carry out the multi-learning approach of the school in the formation of integral, nationalistic and service-oriented students.

C.  Provide an in-depth training for specialization in the creative areas of the curriculum that is of particular interest to individual student. 

Program Offerings

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Visual
  • Dramatics