1947      -   Oblate Fathers founded Notre Dame of Lagao

1952      -   Notre Dame of Lagao was turned over by the Oblate Fathers to the Marist Brothers. 

1954      -   As a co-educational institution, the Marist Brothers invited the Dominican Sisters to administer the Girls Department.  This marked the first separation of boys and girls which lasted for 16 years.

1966-67 -  The Grade School Department was opened.

1970-78 -  An experimentation on consortium slowly brought back together the students and the teachers of both institutions into a very enriching relationship.

1977-78 -  By informal agreement, the experimentation ended.  The Girls Department assumed a new name, Notre Dame of Lagao for Girls.

 -   Notre Dame of Lagao adopted the Congregational CS-SD Program (Catholic Schools Systems Development) authored and introduced by Mr. Feliciano Jimenez.  The Program is an attempt at a radical living of the Gospel and participation in the Building of the Basic Christian Community through the school apostolate.

1996                   -    The  school’s name was changed from Notre   Dame of Lagao for Girls to Notre Dame of Lagao.  Steadfast in its effort in attaining its vision, it is an ideal “venue”  where the learner can receive a formal and systematic training in Christian character formation. 


                            The school opened its doors  to male students.

March 2-3, 1995 -   High  School PAASCU Preliminary Survey  Visit
Feb.28-29, 2000  -   Grade School PAASCU Preliminary Survey Visit
Feb. 1-2, 1999     -   High School PAASCU  Formal Survey 
Aug. 5-6, 2002    -   Grade School PAASCU  Formal Survey
Feb. 3-4, 2003     -   Grade School and High School PAASCU Re-Survey Visit
2008-2009           -   Notre Dame of Lagao merged with Notre Dame of General Santos City