Sr. Albertina Ocampo, O.P. (deceased)          1954-1957
            Sr. Pilar Esquivel, O.P.                                  1957-1959
            Sr. Marina Rojas, O.P.                                    1959-1962
            Sr. Jacinta Racelis, O.P.                                  1962-1963
            Sr. Catalina Garduce, O.P.                             1963-1968
            Sr. Delfina Castillo, O.P.                                1968-1969
            Sr. Elena Dira, O.P.                                        1969-1974
            Sr. Evangeline Yap. O.P.                                1974-1980
            Sr. Ernestina Farrofo, O.P.       (deceased)     1980-1983
            Sr. Estrella Tangan, O.P.                                 1983-1985
            Sr. Ma. Virginia Balayon, O.P.                       1985-1988
            Sr. Ma. Hermelina Puig, O.P.   (deceased)     Sept. 1988
            Sr. Ma. Concesa Pedrosa, O.P.              Nov. 1988-1989
            Sr. Ma. Clara Sequito, O.P.                            1989-1995
            Sr. Leonila Jimenez, O.P.                                1995-1999
            Sr. Ma. Eugenia Cardiño, O.P. (deceased) June-Sept. 1999
            Sr. Geraldine Damian, O.P.                            2000-2003
            Sr. Ma. Clara Sequito, O.P.                            2003-2005
            Sr. Loreta Oranza, O.P.                                  2005-2008

Inspired  by the Dominican ideals of “Passion for Truth and  Compassion for Humanity”   ND-SCGSC continues  in its commitment and gratitude to God in its new site in  Purok Masagana, San Isidro effective SY: 2008-2009 with the merging of NDL and NDGSC.  It is named Notre Dame-Siena College of General Santos City after it was approved by SEC on March 15, 2008.
    Under the protecting mantle of Notre Dame, Our Mother, the intercessions of St. Dominic and St. Catherine and the missionary spirit of Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo, ND-SCGSC remains steadfast in pursuing its academic excellence and in improving its school programs for the total formation of its clientele.

The Merging
             Notre Dame of General Santos City was originally situated in Beatiles St., at the rear part of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parish Church.  As the city progressed into the so called “booming town” in the Southern part of Mindanao, the school surroundings became congested due to the increase of commercial establishments which eventually doubled the population of transportation running around the area. The operation of several amusement businesses and centers such as computer and internet cafes was inevitable.   This prompted the school to look for other areas in the city where the school can transfer to in the future.  Thus, in the school’s long range program, the plan to transfer to a new site was clearly indicated.  Luckily, the congregation has purchased a land away from the thorough fare of the city.  However, there is the dilemma of the possible decrease in enrollment due to the distance of the site from the heart of the city. After several years of discerning, the congregation finally decided to implement the long range plan of transferring to a new site due to new added concerns such as the need to build new school buildings and to improve its facilities.  Since the land occupied by the school was not owned by the congregation, its transfer to a new site would be a wise decision.
            On the other hand, Notre Dame of Lagao, a nearby school also run by the Dominican Sisters, was experiencing dwindling enrolment and was also in need of capital for maintenance and repairs.
            The congregation saw the solution to both school concerns in terms of infrastructure and manpower by merging the two institutions in the new site.  With Notre Dame of General Santos City as the mother school, its government recognition, programs, practices as well as PAASCU related  documents such as re-survey and accreditation was adopted.
            The name, Notre Dame of General Santos City was later changed to Notre Dame-Siena College of General Santos City as it looks forward to the future with much hope and expectation for growth and expansion.

The school has consistently united its efforts in clearly defining its vision-mission and institutional goals and objectives.  To sustain the quality education that it offers to its clientele, the school continues to submit itself to PAASCU reaccreditation. It underwent another reaccreditation in the school year 2011 and was granted Level 11 accreditation. It has applied for another accreditation and the PAASCU visit will be on November, 2015.

With great hope, the school wishes to achieve its Level 111 accreditation amidst the changes and upgrading of its curriculum due to the adoption of the new curricular program mandated by the government.  The administration with the cooperation and support of the various sectors of the school doubles its effort to carry out the PAASCU recommendations while it pursues to implement the new curriculum. It entails a lot of changes in the development of the needed curricular tools but with God’s grace and positive attitude towards growth and development of the people it serves everything will be in its proper place.